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DIMOC Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where should I submit current, released digital still and video imagery?

A: If the imagery is released to the public, please submit it through the Defense Visual Information Distribution System (DVIDS). The imagery will remain on DVIDS for public consumption and marketing as normal, and metadata can still be edited within DVIDS. A record copy of the imagery will be transmitted to DIMOC.s systems 180 days after initial submission to DVIDS.

Q: Can I submit non-released/FOUO imagery? Where do I send it?

A: Unclassified imagery that is FOUO must be submitted directly to DIMOC-JCCC using one of the methods below. FOUO imagery must contain the reason for marking it FOUO in the Public Release Instructions meta data field and the name and contact information of the person determining the imagery is FOUO also in the Public Release Instructions field.

  1. Less than 10MB: Direct email to
  2. Up to 2GB: AMRDEC SAFE email to

Q: Will video still be accepted via AMRDEC?

A: Yes. JCCC will facilitate the remainder of the ingest process based on release or classification status.

Q: Are slates or video caption sheets (DD 2537) still required?

A: No. Use Adobe Bridge to caption video just as you would with still images. Review the DoD Captioning Style Guide for captioning information.

Q: If I make a change to an asset's meta data in DVIDS after the 180 day hold period, after it is transferred to DIMOC's record system, will the meta data update occur in DIMOC's archival system as well?

A: No. Meta data changes should not occur in DVIDS after it has been in the system for six months. If changes are made after that time they will NOT be reflected in the DIMOC archival system. Please inform JCCC of the change so DIMOC can make the update manually.

Q: What about classified imagery?

A: Secret and Confidential imagery can be sent to the JCCC for archiving in an email (up to 15MB) to

Q: How do I send unclassified imagery via SIPRNet when there is no other way to transmit?

A: Submit using current procedures and call JCCC for assistance in clearing and moving the imagery to the unclassified domain and into Wazee CORE.

Q: I have a bunch of digital imagery files that I don’t want to maintain locally any more, but they should still be part of the DoD imagery archive. What should I do?

A: Please visit the Preparing Digital Imagery page for instructions on submitting older digital or physical assets to DIMOC.

Q: Does the process for submitting VI productions to DIMOC change?

A: No. Customers should continue to send VI production master material along with production folders to the DIMOC Services Center at DIMOC, 11 Hap Arnold Blvd, RM 101, Tobyhanna Army Depot, Pa., 18466-5102.