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Transferring physical (historic) imagery to DIMOC

PAOs, photographers, videographers, broadcasters, Visual Information and Records Managers and Historians:

Does your organization have non-current or historic physical imagery? Is your unit relocating or shutting down? Do you just need more file cabinet or server space?

DO NOT throw out your imagery!! -- Send your VI to DIMOC! We take all formats of physical imagery: Films, negatives, prints, slides, tapes, discs, you name it. We need your help to preserve our nation’s historical VI legacy and make it available to future generations of Americans. Not only are you preserving DoD history, it’s required by Federal law and DoD policy.

DIMOC will preserve and digitize your physical and digital assets for inclusion in the DoD Imagery Archives and for eventual transfer to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).

Our archivists will guide you through the process of shipping media to the DoD VI Records Center in Riverside, Calif. Just as you are required to submit your current, born-digital imagery, there is also a requirement to submit physical and/or analog materials to DIMOC.

Please read the FAQs below, identify your organization’s physical media for shipment to DIMOC, and answer VI Assessment questions 1-11 in an email to A DIMOC archivist will contact you to issue instructions.

  1. Provide a point of contact (name), phone, email, address and the unit/office/organization in possession of the imagery.
  2. What is the volume or quantity of your media? Please estimate by format type.
    • Please provide a list of all formats, to include any digital formats as well.
  3. What is the content date range or era? (For example, “April 1972 – June 1980” or “World War II”)
  4. What is the subject matter or topic(s) that the imagery documents? (A few keywords will suffice.)
  5. Is any of the content classified? If so, how much? (If unknown, please state as such.)
  6. How much of the content has been publicly released by an authorized public affairs official?
    • If any content is not for public release, or is unmarked, can your organization/office provide release authority?
  7. How much metadata or caption/descriptive information is present? Do you have physical run sheets or caption information, and are you able to provide them with the media?
  8. Does your organization/command require additional access to the content? We can provide access for DoD CAC holders via
  9. How soon do you need to ship your content? (Please provide a month/date)
  10. Do you have funding available for shipping?
  11. Please provide any additional information about your organization or the content that we should know in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a legal requirement to preserve historical imagery

Can I just scan the imagery on my own and send it electronically?

Can I send our physical and/or analog assets directly to NARA?

Can I send our physical and/or analog assets directly to DIMOC without prior coordination?

Do you take FOUO or classified imagery?

We have born-digital imagery, but more than we can send electronically. How can we get those images to DIMOC?

I have images with no supporting information (captions and metadata). Should I still include them?

What if my command has directed the imagery be disposed of (e.g., thrown away, deleted)?

Can I send imagery not owned or produced by the Department of Defense or U.S. Government?

We have old content that includes video tapes, 3.5" and 5 1/4" disks, zip disks and CDs/DVDs sitting in a safe in our building collecting dust. This content might be of a historical nature. Additionally we also have a roll of undeveloped 35mm film marked “secret “as well. Does DIMOC want this physical media?

I am a retired military photojournalist and I have a collection of negatives, prints and stories that are official imagery. Can I submit them to be digitized and have the physical media returned to me? What if a person wants to leave their photo “archive” to the larger DoD archive, how do I do so?

Will I get my original media back?

Where does the imagery go? Can I see it once it is digitized?

How long will the process take?

Where do I send the media? Will I get a receipt?

Will DIMOC pay for shipping?

I’ve gathered my physical media and I’m ready to get started. What do I do now?