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Why DIMOC? DIMOC is the official VI record center for all the DoD.

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Preparing Digital Imagery

To submit digital imagery – still and motion imagery (unclassified, cleared for public release) follow the procedures from the DVIDS link at:

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Defense Visual Information Distribution System (DVIDS) is a state-of-the-art, 24/7 operation that provides a timely, accurate and reliable connection between the media around the world and the military serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain.

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Preparing Physical Imagery

We need your old motion and still imagery. Where and how should physical imagery be submitted?

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How to Create a VIRIN

VIRINs uniquely identify every image shot by DoD photographers by using four pieces of information: the date the image was shot, the Service of the photographer, an identification of the photographer, and a sequence number.

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Eye On VI

Eye On VI is a periodic publication with news and information from Defense Visual Information for the VI Community.

Eye On VI Archive


A VISION ID is an identification number assigned to all DoD personnel who create Visual Information (VI) records.

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