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A VISION ID is an identification number assigned to all DoD personnel who create Visual Information (VI) records. In accordance with DoDI 5040.02, Enclosure 7, all photographers, videographers, graphic artists, photojournalists, broadcasters, public affairs, and other personnel involved in the creation of official DoD imagery shall be assigned a VISION ID. The VISION ID is required for submission of VI records to DIMOC. The VISION ID is entered in “field 3” of the Visual Information Record Identification Number (VIRIN).

Obtaining Your VISION ID

Go to VI Professionals website to register and obtain your VISION ID. Access to the site is restricted to DoD Common Access Card (CAC) holders. You must create an account with the Defense Imagery Server if you do not already have one. Be sure to record your VISION ID for future reference and use it in the VISION ID of all submissions to DVIDS and DIMOC. No one should have more than one VISION ID, as it remains unique to a person for the duration of their military and/or DoD career.

All students attending the Defense Information School will obtain their VISION ID during in processing.

Do not make up a VISION ID, or use ZZ999, if you do not have one, nor shall one person’s unique VISION ID be used for another person’s work.


From a structural point of view, the VIRIN has four discrete elements separated by hyphens that create a unique number, as shown in the graphic below. The VISION ID is entered in the Field 3 position. Read How To Create a VIRIN for more information.

Example VIRIN:
Graphic - VIRIN Sample

Problems Registering for VISION ID

If you encounter problems when trying to get your VISION ID please contact the DIMOC Services Center for assistance.