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Defense VI Activity Number

Defense VI Activity Numbers (DVIAN)

DVIANS are unique identifiers assigned to approved VI activities to validate their authority to operate and to enable unit-level attribution of VI records. DVIAN numbers are authorized and assigned by the managing DoD Component in accordance with DoD Instruction 5040.02, enclosure 8. Change 1 to DoDI 5040.02 now allows for a DVIAN number to be used in place of a VISION ID to attribute VI products to the creating or releasing unit under certain circumstances.

DVIAN Registration

If you need to register for a DVIAN number, please contact DIMOC Customer Service for assistance in reaching your managing Component Visual Information office for Service-unique guidelines and procedures.

Find a DVIAN

The DVIAN is recorded in our VI Facility database. You can search that database here

Please note a centralized on-line DVIAN registration system is under development in coordination with the Military Services with plans to deploy the system on this page once it is approved and operational.