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Joint Combat Camera Center

Joint Combat Camera Center (JCCC)

The JCCC within the Defense Imagery Management Operations Center coordinates the acquisition, creation, transmission, replication, distribution, storage, and preservation of visual information (VI) created during joint operations.

Joint COMCAM Capabilities Briefing - 2017 Edition

The Joint COMCAM Capabilities Briefing is provided as a tool to familiarize readers with the capabilities of Joint Combat Camera and how to access those capabilities.

JCCC VI Planning and Subject Matter Expert (SME) Support.

The Joint Combat Camera Center in DIMOC coordinates directly with the Combatant Commands, the Joint Staff, and the Services to acquire, create, transmit, replicate, distribute, store, and preserve VI created during military operations. The JCCC’s coordination and operational support mission for VI includes planning and tracking VI to facilitate timely and accurate acquisition and distribution of imagery for DOD.

The JCCC provides SME assistance to Joint Force planners for employment of various VI acquisition capabilities up to the SECRET level. Assistance to the joint planning and execution community includes:

  1. Writing VI-related requirements into joint operation plans and strategic guidance.
  2. Coordinating strategic imagery requirements within the APEX system.
  3. Locating and coordinating with JFC resources and VI-producing forces.
  4. VI transmission recommendations.
  5. Establishing and managing the DOD VI professional registration site.
  6. Acquiring/receiving VI and preserving VI for historical records.
  7. Distributing VI to authorized defense and public activities.
  8. Coordinating with the Joint Combat Camera (COMCAM) Program Manager to provide additional support, including RFFs, templates, and coordinating requests.

For Vision ID or account assistance contact DIMOC customer service

Otherwise contact the Joint Combat Camera Center

Comm: (301) 222-6273 | DSN: 733-4273

Combat Camera (COMCAM)

COMCAM is a specially-trained expeditionary force from Service-designated COMCAM units capable of providing high-quality directed VI during military operations. Service COMCAM units maintain quick-response teams able to embed and operate with tactical units in austere conditions for up to thirty days. The Joint Force Commanders are directed to integrate COMCAM into operations.

COMCAM forces, in addition to receiving specialized MOS/NEC/AFSC training, also receive weapons, combat and small unit tactics training to prepare them for deployment and insertion into hostile and remote areas, and are ready to embed and operate with front-line and Special Operations forces.

Each Service also provides unique, service specific acquisition capabilities such as underwater and aerial capabilities for Navy COMCAM, aerial capabilities for Air Force COMCAM and airborne operations capabilities for Army COMCAM.

Deployed COMCAM forces are normally called upon to provide VI support for information operations, operational planning, decision making, Public Affairs, legal activities, training, and other DOD operations and evolutions requiring expeditionary directed VI. More information is available in Multi-Service Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Combat Camera Operations, FM 3-55.12/MCRP 3-33.7A/NTTP 3-13.12/AFTTP 3-2.41.

Tasking Combat Camera

Although COMCAM support for service specific requirements or smaller evolutions and exercises may be coordinated through the services or units themselves, all rotational and emergent COMCAM requirements for joint operations must be executed via a Request For Forces (RFF) through the Global Force Management (GFM) process for validation and sourcing out to the Service providers. Once the requirement is sourced to the respective Services, the details (personnel and logistics) will then be loaded in the Adaptive Planning and Execution (APEX) system for assignment of Unit Line Numbers (ULNs).

Note: A lack of familiarization with COMCAM capabilities can often lead to inaccurate requests for COMCAM services and support. For detailed assistance, contact the combatant command (COCOM) J39 COMCAM Planner to plan COMCAM integration into Joint Operations. In the absence of the COCOM Planner, and for additional information regarding combat camera capabilities and employment contact the

Joint Combat Camera Program Manager

Comm: 703-697-0216 DSN 227-0216 (Pentagon)
Comm: 301-222-6516 DSN 733-6516 (Defense Media Activity)