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DoD Visual Information Style Guide

This document contains the most up to date version of the DoD Visual Information Style Guide. Following the contents of this guide will provide the best captions possible and make it easier for editors to post submitted imagery quickly.

Download DoD Visual Information Style Guide (1.25MB)

Limitations for Public Use

Department of Defense (DoD) motion and still media files, heretofore referred to as Visual Information (VI) records, posted on this website are provided as a public service by the DoD consistent with the DoD’s Principles of Information.

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Defense VI Activity Number (DVIAN)

Change 1 to DoDI 5040.02 now allows for a DVIAN to be used in place of a VISION ID under certain circumstances, please see the instruction for more details.

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Find a VI Facility

Locate a Visual Information facility. To schedule your DA photo, please visit the Visual Information Ordering Site

Link to VI Facilities

Download Software

Download the latest software, user manuals, drivers and firmware.

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DoD Directives, Instructions, Manuals, and Forms are available through the link below in multiple formats. Other memorandum and documents are in PDF or HTML formats for easy downloading within your browser.


Imaging Ethics

Official Defense imagery includes all photographic and video images that are recorded or produced by persons acting for or on behalf of Department of Defense (DoD) activities, functions, or missions regardless of the medium in which they are acquired, stored, or displayed.

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DoD Visual Information Records Schedule

The Archivist of the United States has signed the new DoD Visual Information Records Schedule DAA-0330-2013-0014. DoD 5040.6-M-1, DoD 5040.6-M-2 and DoD 5040.06-V3 are obsolete and will be rescinded. Refer to this records schedule for all VI Records disposition instructions for the Department of Defense.

DoD VI Records Schedule

DVI Flyer

This PDF document is a concise informational pamphlet about Defense Visual Information and its subordinate organizations. This document is prepared for printing as a handout. Feel free to print it and distribute to further inform DoD personnel about the capabilities and mission of DVI and DIMOC.

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