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The Defense Visual Information Records Center (DVIRC)  collects, curates, manages, digitizes and preserves historic physical images that are permanent DoD VI records.  The VI Records Center:

  • Operates as the central DoD VI records center for the economical and efficient collection, storage, curation, and accessioning to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) of all permanent unclassified DoD VI records pursuant to Section 3103 of Title 44, U.S.C.
  • Digitizes DoD VI records residing on physical media to increase accessibility and ensure long-term digital preservation.  This includes archival outreach programs to solicit legacy physical media from DoD organizations for archiving and digitization by the DVIRC.
  • Operates and maintains the on-line Digital VI Archive (DVIA) containing non-current and historic DoD VI records for access by DoD and the public.
  • Maintains archival expertise to administer and employ archival framework methodologies to review unclassified non-current VI records for public release.
  • Maintains and curates the DoD VI records collection by enhancing VI metadata, adding controlled vocabulary tags, and assembling/sharing VI collections as appropriate.
  • Reviews VI records and makes archival decisions in accordance with the DoD VI Records Schedule.  See also the EXECUTIVE SUMMARY of the DoD VI Records Schedule.

For more information about submitting physical VI media, please see the Preparing Physical VI page.

Employees of the Defense Visual Information Records Center prepare motion picture films for digitization in Riverside, California, May 20, 2014. (DoD photo)

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