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Joint Combat Camera Center

  • The Joint Combat Camera Center (JCCC) and the Joint Operations Center (JOC) have been disestablished as of 30 Sept 2019 and both have been integrated into the DMA Joint Mission Center (JMC).  The JMC mission is developing and will include planning, analysis, and evaluation of the DMA mission program performance.  
  • For VISION ID or account assistance, please contact DMA customer service or call 301-222-6273.
  • For Joint VI-related questions, contact the DMA Customer service or call 301-222-6273. 

Joint COMCAM Briefing

The Joint Combat Camera (COMCAM) Capabilities Briefing is provided to familiarize DoD personnel with COMCAM capabilities and how to request COMCAM assistance. 

Download PDF (7 MB)

Military and civilian staff members of the Joint Combat Camera Center coordinate the flow of DoD Visual Information at Fort George G. Meade, Md., April 17, 2017. (DoD photo by Brandon Spragins)

Contact JCCC

Commercial: 301-222-6273
DSN: 312-733-4273
NIPR: jccc@mail.mil
SIPR: jccc.dma@mail.smil.mil