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As part of our mission of central VI management for the Department of Defense, DMA provides VI distribution services to the DoD, other U.S. Government departments, archivists, historians, the media and interested members of the general public. 

Please read the Public Use Notice of Limitations governing DoD Visual Information.

1. The DVIA hosts all DoD Visual Information holdings more than 180 days old.

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As the primary ingest point for publicly released DoD Visual Information, DVIDS hold the majority of released born-digital VI holdings dating back to 2005. DVIDS allows the user to search VI by service, unit, date, location and media type (such as still, b-roll, video production or magazine). 

*While no CAC is required, a DVIDS account is needed to download media. Non-DoD personnel are limited to the Media/Reporter/Blogger, Military Family Member or Friend of the Military registration option

The Department of Defense website also holds a significant amount of other publicly released DoD VI produced for DoD News.


The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is the final repository for DoD Visual Information selected for inclusion in its archives. It also holds a great deal of DoD VI that arrived through other channels.

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