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April 12, 2018

26th Annual DoD Visual Storytelling Workshop

The Defense Imagery Management Operations Center (DIMOC) and the Defense Media Activity will host the 26th Annual DoD Visual Storytelling Workshop in San Diego June 17-23, 2018.

Feb. 13, 2018

DIMOC resumes film transfers to NARA

In October 2017, Defense Visual Information Records Center in Riverside, California, began the process of transferring more than 7,000 individual 16 mm and 35 mm motion picture films to the National Archives and Records Administration.

Feb. 13, 2018

Army Combat Camera learns from Hurricane Maria mission

The U.S. Army’s 55th Signal Company (Combat Camera), based at Fort Meade, Maryland, strives to maintain mission readiness by training Soldiers for all possible contingencies. In most cases, we have weeks to prepare for a deployment.

Feb. 13, 2018

Active, veteran USAF ComCam Airmen share experiences

The U.S. Air Force Combat Camera Association held its 14th annual Combat Camera Reunion Oct. 12-15, 2017, in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Dec. 19, 2017

Modern Military’s Quandary: Personal Cameras on the Battlefield

A tectonic shift in combat documentation recently landed military members and the Department of Defense in a policy no-man’s land. The shift began around 2009, with the introduction of the GoPro HD Hero camera. What followed was a proliferation of affordable, small video cameras designed to record and post high-impact action videos on social media.

Dec. 19, 2017

DIMOC-Services Center Markets DVIDS 2016 Holiday Greetings

The DIMOC Services Center at Tobyhanna Army Depot, Pennsylvania, has taken on a marketing role to improve the visibility of the DVIDS content, starting with the 2016 Holiday Greetings.

Dec. 12, 2017

Awards Program Underway

Visual information and public affairs personnel are preparing entries for their military service’s media contest with the aim of earning a top spot for their service and entry to the Defense Media Awards competition in April.

Oct. 16, 2017

VI Style Guide and App update

VI Style GuideChange 1 to latest edition of the DoD Visual Information Style Guide was released on

Oct. 16, 2017

DIMOC uncovers historic photos

The summer of 2017 has been a preservation gold mine for the Defense Visual Information Records Center (DVIRC) in Riverside, California. A combination of outreach to DoD units, as well as old-fashioned knocking on doors, netted a trove of historical images added to the DoD Visual Information Archive.

Oct. 16, 2017

New director arrives at the Joint Combat Camera Center

U.S. Navy Ensign Nicholas Lingo became the new director of the Joint Combat Camera Center (JCCC) at Fort Meade in October. He succeeds Lt. Cmdr. Matt Young, who is retiring from the Navy.

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