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NEWS | Oct. 16, 2017

VI Style Guide and App update

By by Thomas M. Ruyle, Lead Writer-Editor, DIMOC

VI Style Guide
Change 1 to latest edition of the DoD Visual Information Style Guide was released on Sept. 25, 2017, and distributed to the DoD VI Community. 

Among the many changes was a near-complete rewrite of the VI ethical standards in Chapter 8. 

One line in the rewritten chapter pertaining to the disclosure of conversion of color photos to black-and-white as well as cropping issues generated some feedback from the field. Several military and civilian DoD photographers noted the specific instruction was not clear enough. 

A rewrite of the information in question was staffed with members of the VI Editorial Board, the military services and the personnel who raised the issue. 

Please go to www.dimoc.mil homepage to download the updated Guide and circulate it with your colleagues today. 

VI Style Guide Mobile App
We’re getting closer! The VI Style Guide mobile app entered the beta-test phase in late September starting with the Android version Sept. 20. Based on the results of the beta testing and adjustments resulting from it, DIMOC hopes to have the final version ready in November.

The mobile app will only be authorized for use on personal devices for the time being, as there is a lengthy process for DISA authorization to use it on USG devices. However, the app will reside entirely on the device, meaning there’s no need for a cell signal to use it.  

Stay tuned to Defense Imagery on Facebook and www.dimoc.mil for more information as it happens.

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