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NEWS | April 12, 2018

New VI Style Guide set for July; ePub in development



The next edition of the Visual Information Style Guide is in production and set for release in early July. DIMOC Lead Writer-Editor Thomas Ruyle, the Guide’s primary author, doesn’t expect any major changes from the September 2017 edition.   

Per a decision by the Visual Information Editorial Board (VIEB) last November, the Guide will now be published annually in July, starting this year. The VIEB comprises senior visual information personnel from each of the services, as well as the Defense Information School (DINFOS).   

Ruyle attributes the new schedule to the general completeness of the Guide. “As the Guide was getting off the ground and gaining influence several years ago, we added a lot to it in a relatively short amount of time,” he said.   

“For a while, we did a couple editions per year, and the need for that has subsided.”   Ruyle noted that overall, captioning and metadata in DoD Visual Information has improved greatly since the first official edition of the Guide in 2011. 

“I recall seeing stills and video coming into the system with zero or very little metadata or descriptive information on a regular basis. We rarely see that these days, and DINFOS has done a magnificent job using the Guide in its curriculum since 2011.”   

The Visual Information Style Guide mobile application that was set for release in 2017 has been transitioned to an interactive ePub format, which is in development now.   

According to Ruyle, the goal is to make the Guide available for troops in the field and on the go.   “We’re looking for the best way to make the Guide available quickly and easily without having to scroll through the entire PDF of the main document,” he said. 

DIMOC personnel are creating a searchable ePub that will be available for download on mobile devices using major platforms. The target date for the ePub is summer 2018, and it will be announced via Facebook and the new www.dimoc.mil website.   

If you have an idea or suggestions for the VISG or the ePub contact Thomas Ruyle at thomas.m.ruyle.civ@mail.mil.   

Both products will be available for download from www.dimoc.mil.


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