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NEWS | Oct. 24, 2018

VI Policy Updates

By Staff Reports Defense Visual Information


Joint Publication 3-61, “Public Affairs” (Currently in Request for Feedback (RFF) stage) This document was included in the CY 2018 Joint Doctrine Formal Assessment.
• RFF Released: July 2018
• Expected Completion: January 2019

Comprehensive new Public Affairs Issuance: DoDI 5410.19: (Now in Pre-Signature stage; Pre-coordination stage complete)
This instruction is composed of four volumes, each with a specific purpose.
Reissues and Cancels:
• DoD Instruction 5410.19, “Public Affairs Community Relations Policy Implementation,” November 13, 2001
Incorporates and Cancels:
• DoD Instruction 5410.20, “Public Affairs Relations With For-Profit Businesses and Business Industry Organizations,” September 29, 2016
• DoD Directive 5410.18, “Public Affairs Community Relations Policy,” November 20, 2001

Volume 1, “DoD Community Outreach Activities: Policy Overview and Evaluation Procedures”
• Provides guidance for addressing requests concerning visual information (VI) materials and VI opportunities; and handling requests to use DoD VI for commercial purposes
• Provides guidance when requesting DoD aviation and non-aviation support for public events.
• Establishes policy and prescribes guidelines for determining whether an event should be considered eligible for DoD support as a community outreach activity.

Volume 2, “DoD Community Outreach Activities: OSD Outreach Programs, Speaking Engagements, and Support to Non-DoD Organizations”
• Prescribes guidelines for outreach to and support for non-DoD organizations.
• Establishes policy and prescribes procedures and requirements for designating national military associations pursuant to Section 2558 of Title 10, United States Code (U.S.C.).
• Establishes policy and prescribes procedures for conducting Secretary of Defense outreach programs and DoD speaking engagements.

Volume 3, “DoD Community Outreach: Honors to National Symbols; Annual Patriotic and Military Observances”
• Establishes policy and general implementation guidelines for Service members in uniform rendering appropriate honors to national symbols when officially supporting public events.
• Defines annual patriotic observances in the community to receive maximum military support, and establishes policy and implementation guidelines for official military ceremonial support for these patriotic observances.
• Prescribes guidance for supporting national and foreign country commemorations and Military Department birthdays.

Volume 4, “DoD Community Outreach: Ceremonial and Aerial Demonstration Support”
• Establishes policy and provides implementation guidance for official musical units, ceremonial units, Service exhibits, official Service member formations, and aerial demonstrations in support of community outreach activities both in the continental United States (CONUS) and outside the continental United States (OCONUS).
• Establishes policy and prescribes guidance for military academy musical, ceremonial, and aerial demonstration units.
• Establishes policy and prescribes procedures and requirements for military musicians performing in an official capacity and for the implementation of accepting unsolicited gifts for the benefit of military musical units in accordance with Section 974(d) of Title 10, United States Code (U.S.C.).
• Prescribes standardized procedures to determine if an event is eligible for military musical or aerial support as a community outreach activity.
• Prescribes guidance for National Guard bands that support community outreach activities on behalf of the DoD versus exclusive governor- directed State outreach activities.
• Prescribes guidance for aerial demonstrations performed by the Military Departments in support of community outreach activities.

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