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NEWS | Feb. 4, 2019

Army’s Enterprise Multimedia Center supports all DoD

By Lyna Tucker, Producer-Director, Enterprise Media Center, Fort Eustis, Virginia Defense Imagery Management Operations Center

The Enterprise Multimedia Center (EMC) Fort Eustis, Virginia, is the Army’s premier enterprise for visual information (VI), to include photography, print, web design, fabrication, graphics, and television and video support.

Led by EMC Visual Information Manager Don Reeves, the EMC is poised to serve all military Services, the Department of Defense (DoD) and agencies throughout the Federal Government.

“The EMC is a one-stop shop for visual information. We have some of the best technology and talent available to serve not only the Army, but our sister Services and the rest of the Federal Government,” Reeves said.

The EMC boasts a 1,400-square foot television studio and fully complemented control room to equal any network studio. EMC’s award-winning producers, directors, writers, and videographers — using the latest in 4K video and drone capabilities — travel throughout the nation producing high-quality, award-winning products. 

“We’ve got an amazing facility and it’s an exciting place to work. We produce everything from single concept videos to multiple videos. For example, we’re producing over 250 exercise videos for the Center for Initial Military Training as they roll out the new Army Field Manual 7-22 and Army Combat Fitness Test,” said EMC Producer-Director Robert Stephens.

The photography department provides support for the entire region east of the Mississippi, each year delivering more than 4,000 Department of the Army (DA) photos and up to 500 command photos. The team also covers up to 100 events annually, both locally and as far as Rock Island, Illinois.

The print center is equipped with the most advanced technology in the industry and each year processes up to 5,000 customer orders and produces over 60,000 pop-up targets used in training for units such as Army Special Forces and U.S. Navy SEALs.

The graphics department is equally busy, designing and producing upwards of 5,000 high-end graphics annually, from command boards to wall murals for the U.S. Army Transportation Museum and the Navy SEALs fitness center at Joint Base Little Creek-Fort Story, Virginia.
For training and graphic aids or design and installation services, the fabrication department is the go-to shop. 

The department’s highly skilled craftsmen and designers provide framing, painting, sheet metal, machining, woodworking, and welding services as well as 3-D printing. 

“When a need arises in a unit, they bring their requirements and we make it a reality,” said Ron Houston, EMC fabrication department lead.

Learn more about how the EMC supports the warfighter and the Army and DOD’s mission at www.emc.army.mil.

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