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NEWS | Feb. 4, 2019

Defense Media Awards season is in full swing

Defense Imagery Management Operations Center

The 2018 Defense Media Awards season is in full swing, with a slate of improvements from last year. 

According to Karen Nowowieski, the Defense Media Activity awards program manager, this is the third year of the revamped DMA-level awards program. The program is split into two main contests, the Defense Media Awards and Defense Media Merit Awards, both of which will be described below. 

Nowowieski noted the Defense Visual Information Distribution Service (DVIDS) is still the required platform for all entries. 

All products for submission to the awards programs must have been uploaded to DVIDS between Jan. 1, 2018 and 11:59 p.m. Dec. 31, 2018. 

U.S. Army Col. Paul Haverstick, the acting director of Defense Media Activity, said, “This is my first time observing this program up close, and it’s an honor for DMA to recognize the great work of our Public Affairs and Visual Information community throughout the Department of Defense and Coast Guard.”

Defense Media Awards
The Defense Media Awards program will only judge the “of the year” winners from each military service. Submissions are open through April 29, 2019. Eligibility for the Defense Media Awards includes, but is not limited to:
• No individual may enter the competition directly. Only one entry per category may be submitted from each of the following competitions: 
• Air Force: Air Force Media Awards 
• Army: Maj. Gen. Keith L. Ware Communications Awards 
• Coast Guard: Chief Journalist Alex Haley Awards 
• Marine Corps: HQMC Communication Directorate (CD), Visual Information and Excellence in Communication (VIEC) Awards 
• Navy: Russell Egnor Navy Media Awards 
• Defense agencies, DoD field activities, combatant commands, joint task forces: Defense Media Merit Awards (DMMA) sponsored by the Defense Media Activity
• Products entering the competition must be the work of active-duty, Reserve, and National Guard members of the Armed Services, and U.S. Coast Guard members as well as U.S. government civilian employees with the photographer, journalist, photojournalist, videographer, broadcast journalist, graphic artist, mass communication specialist, public affairs specialist or equivalent occupation specialty.
• Note: Products produced by military and civilian personnel assigned to “Stars and Stripes” newspapers are not eligible to participate. 
All non-appropriated fund (NAF) products and NAF personnel are also ineligible. Products created by government contractor employees are not authorized to compete.

Defense Media Merit Awards
DMA is also hosting the Defense Media Merit Awards (DMMA). Submissions are open through March 5, 2019.  The following personnel can compete in the DMMA:
• U.S. government civilian employees assigned to combatant commands, joint task forces, defense agencies and DoD field activities, including the Defense Media Activity.
• Teams composed of military members, U.S. government employees, or any combination thereof assigned to combatant commands, joint task forces, defense agencies, and DoD field activities, including the Defense Media Activity.
• National Guard Joint Force Headquarters staff members.
• Service members assigned to DMA (see guidance for details).
• Active-duty and Reserve military members assigned to combatant commands, joint task forces, defense agencies and DoD field activities.
• Army and Air National Guard members assigned to combatant commands, joint task forces, defense agencies and DoD field activities enter their individual work products through the National Guard Bureau.
• Members who leave the Armed Forces during the year may compete as long as the material submitted was completed in its entirety while on active duty, in a Reserve or National Guard status, or during DoD civilian employment.
 Defense Visual Information employees Lee Thomas and Thomas Ruyle also worked with the awards program to clarify matters of policy, captions and metadata, and ethics standards. 
DVIDS Director Scott Betts noted improvements to the process for reviewing entries and ensuring standards were met. “(We gave) further training and access to the branch reps to give more responsibility and control at the apex level,” Betts said via email.

The Defense Media Awards program is described in detail at https://www.dma.mil/Services/Defense-Media-Awards/, with complete contest guidance available for download as a PDF. 

The page also contains frequently asked questions and a list of 2017 winners. 
Guidance on the DMMA program will also be found in the Media Contest Rules list on the Defense Media Awards page. 

The DVIDS Awards submission page is at https://cms.dvidshub.net/awards.  

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