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NEWS | May 24, 2019

Media Awards Submissions Up Across Services

Defense Imagery Management Operations Center

Last quarter in Eye on VI, our focus was on the various media awards competitions for the military and the streamlined submission process, now in its third year.  Entries from the services are now at the Defense Media Activity for judging, and perhaps equally as impressive as the actual entries themselves is the increase in number of entries across the board.  

According to Julie Briggs, an operations analyst with the Defense Media Activity, who presented at the last Defense Visual Information Steering Committee on April 30, 2019, the total number of entries for competition year 2016 from all services, including defense agencies, DoD field activities and Coast Guard, was just shy of 1,300.  Fast forward to competition year 2018, and the total increase was nearly seven-fold, with 8,920 entries.  

The biggest changes from the last two years have come from both the Army and the Navy, which went from 51 and 60 entries, to 2,101 and 1,402 entries, respectively.  

"The increase is phenomenal and validates that the awards module rolled out three years ago by DVIDS (Defense Visual Information Distribution Service) is user-friendly," Briggs said. "Not only is it easier for people to enter their products, it's also easier for the services to manage their competitions."

The services can also track and validate who has submitted entries starting at the lowest echelon.  It also allows for the remote scoring of the entries directly in the system.

Overall, the feedback of the streamlined processes has been positive, but Briggs acknowledged that there were still a number of questions regarding permissions and access issues as well as eligibility questions. "We need to do a better job training people how to navigate the module, grant access and correct issues," Briggs said.  

Still, growth is encouraging.

"An increase in submissions is definitely healthy because it means more competition and greater opportunity for feedback.  And that, "Briggs said, "is a positive reflection on the community."

The results of each service competition may be found at https://www.dvidshub.net/awards/dma under stories.  Only the winners of the year in each category compete in the DoD competition.  Winners of the DoD contest will be posted on the site by May 31.

Editors Note: Julie Briggs had managed the media awards module provided by DVIDS since the module's inception in 2016.

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