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NEWS | May 29, 2019

Use of Joint Lessons Learned Information System for VI Planning and Training

Defense Imagery Management Operations Center

Joint Combat Camera Center (JCCC) is in the final stages of becoming the latest Department of Defense (DoD) entity to adopt usage of the Joint Lessons Learned Information System (JLLIS), which will help bridge the gap between communicators in the field and the Defense Information School (DINFOS) schoolhouse.  

JLLIS is an automated database solution that facilitates the collection, tracking, management, sharing, collaborative resolution and dissemination of lessons learned to improve the development and readiness of the Joint Force.  

"We are currently in the process of defining the best way to utilize this asset (JLLIS) for our Visual Information (VI) purposes, "said JCCC director, U.S. Navy Ensign Nicholas Lingo, who indicated the vision is to create a repository as an easily accessible resource for the VI, public affairs (PA), Combat Camera (COMCAM), and academic communities.  "One of the ways I see it being beneficial is in providing examples, like our recent involvement in the hurricane relief from 2018, to serve as a way for new public affairs officers (PAOs) to learn from the challenges we encountered firsthand and be able to implement what we defined as a better way forward, "said Lingo.  

Led by Lingo and Ms. Heather Norris, JCCC deputy director, the JCCC will use JLLIS with a focus on drafting after action reports for primary use by DINFOS faculty and staff. These will provide relevant examples and data that can be used in the DINFOS education curriculum and provide students practical, real-world lessons that they can take back to their duty station.

The JCCC VI/COMCAM Planners will create observations in JLLIS applicable to educational areas in the DINFOS training curriculum. The short-term goal is to, within the next year, upload observations and after action reports from significant contingencies, operations, and exercises.  The long-term goal is to assist DINFOS in delivering capable operators as opposed to trained students.  

As part of the Defense Imagery Management Operations Center, JCCC's use of the JLLIS platform is also intended to share lessons and best practices gathered from planning and imagery management efforts DoD-wide. 

"JLLIS will provide us with some external insight that could provide even more benefit to the other PAOs in building an understanding of what types of problems they may have to face in the field, as well as what JCCC and others have developed as fixes for issues that arise during contingencies, operations, and exercises," added Lingo.  

The project scope includes the opportunity to research and identify other functions within JLLIS that can supplement the agency, component, and work center missions. 


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