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Examples of prohibited alterations of official DoD VI

The following are examples of prohibited alterations of official DoD Visual Information, per Enclosure 10 of DoD Instruction 5040.02. In all cases where a subject's uniform is updated because of promotion, new awards or other decorations, re-taking the official photo with the updated uniform is the only recommended course of action. Re-touching of subjects' faces, hands, hair and other features is also strictly prohibited. 

More examples will be added as they become available. 

Disclosure: The examples below are cropped in order to highlight the unauthorized alterations of the photos, while maintaining the privacy of the photo subjects. 

Example 1: The unit flag behind the subject was changed using software, leaving unnatural lighting and lasso marks around the subject's hair, as well as an unnatural intersection with the U.S. flag at left.  


Example 2: Rank insignia was added to one sleeve. 

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