DoD Visual Information-related Directives

A Department of Defense (DoD) Directive is a broad policy document containing what is required by legislation, the President, or the Secretary of Defense to initiate, govern, or regulate actions or conduct by the DoD Components within their specific areas of responsibilities. DoD Directives establish or describe policy, programs, and organizations; define missions; provide authority; and assign responsibilities.

Directive   Title Date
5105.60  National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA)          July 29, 2009
5105.74  Defense Media Activity (Change 1)  Aug. 29, 2017
5120.20  Armed Forces Radio and Television Service (AFRTS) (Change 1)  Nov. 20, 2017
5122.05  Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs (ATSD (PA))  Aug. 7, 2017
5160.48  DoD Public Affairs and Visual Information (PA & VI) Education and Training
(Change 1)   
 Nov. 20, 2017
5230.09  Clearance of DoD Information For Public Release (Change 2)  April 14, 2017
5400.07  Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) Program  Jan. 2, 2008
8000.01  Defense Information Management (IM) Program (Change 1)  July 27, 2017

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