How to Activate the DoD File Info Panel

What it is

The DoD File Info Panel consists of a number of XML files that are located within a specific folder for use by Adobe Creative Cloud applications including Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Bridge CC, and Adobe Premier CC.

The File Info Panel enables users to view and edit metadata that is embedded in digital image files, and does so in compliance with DoD Visual Information policy (see DoDI 5040.02).  As these are XML files they cannot contain any executable code. These files provide formatting instructions and small amounts of "help" information.  


Unzip the ZIP file you downloaded (link below).  To make these panels function, the folder contained in the ZIP file must be moved to the proper location.  The location varies by operating system and on computers secured to DoD standards, an administrator must login to approve altering the destination folder.  

Copy or move the folder to:

Windows: C:\Users\[your profile]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\XMP\Metadata Extensions\

Apple OS: Library/Application Support/Adobe/XMP/Metadata Extensions/

If the path doesn't exist, create it.  For example, in our testing there was no 'XMP' folder, and thus no 'Metadata Extensions' folder.  We created these and put the DIMOC folder in place.  

When completed you should see a path that includes a DMA VI folder, such as Library/Application Support/Adobe/XMP/Metadata Extensions/DIMOC

Test the function by opening an image in Adobe Photoshop CC, then select File->File Info (the dialog may take several seconds to open).  Now find the 'DoD' entry in the left-hand menu and select it.  You should see all the metadata fields in one screen.

If you experience difficulty with the panel please contact DMA Customer Service via the website.  

Click the link below to download the file folder: