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Classified (up to Secret) VI

  • Do NOT send classified files to DVIDS or over NIPR email! Remember OPSEC. 
  • Do NOT discuss classified details via NIPRNET email or unsecured phone line.

The Joint Combat Camera Center can coordinate the transfer of classified VI (up to the Secret level) via SIPRNET. 

  • The JCCC no longer handles classified VI for long-term archiving; that is the responsibility of the originating service or command.

Embed captions and metadata in accordance with the DoD Visual Information Style Guide before transmission to the JCCC. Ensure all files are marked according to standards for classified materials.

In order to initiate a SIPRNET transfer, please contact the JCCC by NIPRNET email or phone (Comm: 301-222-6273, DSN: 312-733-4273) for specific instructions. 

  • Again, do not discuss classified details via NIPRNET email or an unsecured phone line. 

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