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Do NOT submit FOUO or unreleased VI to DVIDS.

DoD-produced Visual Information designated For Official Use Only (FOUO) or otherwise unreleased must be archived, per DoDI Instruction 5040.02 and the DoD Visual Information Records Schedule.

FOUO/unreleased VI is used in internal DoD productions, briefings, reports and other communications, and is made available to authorized DoD personnel via the Joint Combat Camera Center (JCCC), which is the designated ingest point for all FOUO and unreleased VI.

  • NOTE: Before submitting FOUO/unreleased VI for archiving, all caption and metadata information must be embedded in each file using Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop or Bridge) or Photo Mechanic. Metadata cross-references are found in Chapter 5 of the DoD Visual Information Style Guide.

Ensure the correct FOUO status and appropriate FOIA exemption is noted in the release instructions block of metadata, along with the unit, authorized release authority and contact information.

There are two methods of submitting FOUO/unreleased VI for archiving:

  • ARL SAFE, using as the recipient address (up to 8GB of data). 
  • Note: As of 9 NOV 2018, AMRDEC SAFE is offline. 

Contact the JCCC via email or by phone at 301-222-6273 (DSN 312-733-4273) if you need assistance with transmitting via email or AMRDEC. Our staff is always ready to help. 

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